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Foie Gras (3rd method with steam)

Difficulté : Medium
Catégorie : Savory
Cout : Low cost
Here is the third method of foie gras. Finally this is not THE official third method, simply the third one on my blog! This is probably the simplest. It gives a result as good as the other methods and the appearance of the liver is preserved because it is cooked in its natural form.

Foie gras recipe third method:

-a whole fresh foie gras
-salt, pepper (the essentials)
-Alcohol of your choice (cognac, port, sweet white wine, rum…)

Devein the foie gras. You can as well buy a deveined foie gras, the method will be even simpler!

Add salt and pepper to the inside and outside of the foie gras, then soak lightly in the chosen alcohol.  
Choose a stretch film that resists high temperatures (albal makes a very good one!). Restore the natural shape of the foie gras. 

Wrap it generously with stretch film. I do it 4 times in one direction and 4 times in the other. 

Let stand one night in a cool place. 
The next day, take it out 2 hours before cooking so that it is at room temperature. Put it in a steaming basket. 

Put on top of boiling water (steaming) 8 minutes for a 500 grams liver or 10 minutes for a 700 grams liver in one direction then turn it over and cook again 8 or 10 minutes. It cooks in this way for 16 or 20 minutes depending on its weight. 

Remove the basket from the top of the boiling water. Let the liver cool to room temperature. 

Then store the liver in its packaging in a cool place for at least 3 days before opening it. 

It can be frozen after three days! Foie gras freezes better cooked than raw! 

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