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Here is the recipe for
famous zlabias that gave me a hard time. This recipe is
yet simple but I only needed patience… Because the
zlabia dough rises for a long time, even a very long time. And this is the
only way to get the famous “spines” on the
perimeter. In addition, it takes a lot of practice to get the right
form and the right gesture. These zlabias make me dream for years
and it took me a few months to find all the tricks for the
succeed. It is also thanks to the professionals who responded to
my questions you find the recipe here today!

I give you the
recipe with “homemade” honey which is not a real
bee honey, but a flavored sugar syrup. We add in
lemon juice and/or alum stone which are acidifiers
which prevent the crystallization of the syrup. In addition, it gives the
typical taste of zlabias. 

zlabias: (this gives a large quantity, but it is necessary at least
this for practice!)

Dough for
prepare 5 days before frying:

of flour

-1l of water
of yeast

-yellow dye
egg or orange

of sugar

-1.5l of water
juice of two lemons (and/or a piece of alum stone from the
size of a ball)

-1 or 2
tablespoon of honey

or 4 tablespoons of orange blossom

by diluting the fresh or dry yeast. For the fresh yeast,
crumble it first!

Add 50g of water
warm and mix well to dissolve all the yeast.

Add salt and  .
flour and mix well. 

Then add the
remaining warm water, mixing well either in a food processor or with a
manual whip. Even if the dough seems lumpy at first, it will
liquefy thanks to the actions of the yeasts.

rest the dough (with a cloth over the bowl) for now…


! This is where the secret of the zlabia lies. He
Let the dough rise three times. It will actually swell,
then fall back. Then re-inflate and so on. Depending on the weather,
it will take between 3 and 5 days. Because we are in fact preparing a
The zlabia is in fact fried leaven.
After three or five days, the dough begins to smell like a
sour yogurt smell. And if you taste it, it sparkles in your mouth:
that’s when it’s ready! It is at this moment, that while passing to
the frying, it will give the famous “spines” on the
outer circle. There are recipes that say to wait 3
hours before frying, well no! It takes time. Even though
it gives good zlabias, if one wishes the thorns, it is
will have to wait!

the honey by putting the sugar and water in a large saucepan.
The quantities of the
recipe do not match the pictures (I made a lot less
than indicated, but it is indeed 3kg of sugar that should be used).

Put to boil
on moderate fire. Let cook without stirring for about 30 minutes.
minutes. Then add lemon juice and/or alum stone.

from Bernard:

even if I add alum stone, I can still
put some lemon juice anyway, it brings a little acidity
very nice in the final zlabia!
The honey is ready
when it has the color of a real honey. Add at this time, outside the
three or four tablespoons of orange blossom water, and

Whip the dough well with a whisk
manual. It should have the consistency of a very thin pancake batter.
thick. Add the chosen coloring. I put a “yellow” dye
of egg”.

Until we get a
orange-yellow color. (The photos of the recipe are displayed on
several months because I took several times… The
colors can change!).
Prepare the material
for zlabias. The vat with the dough and a ladle, a funnel
(you can cut the tip to have a wider outlet). A
The funnel is sufficient to cook 4 zlabias at the same time. 
the frying, I bought myself a dish at paella. It is enough to
put 1,5cm of oil. The honey pot should be at
proximity. With the recipe I give you, there will be more
honey, because on the photo there is not enough
When the oil is well
warm (not too hot either, otherwise the zlabias will get colored!),
Fill the funnel with dough and plug the bottom with a finger. The
to have beautiful zlabias is long to take. The
photos of zlabias at the end of the recipe are the result of
numerous tests. It is necessary to make long spirals which start from
from the outside to the center and you need at least 6 “circles”.
successive. You can do several zlabias without stopping. 
To see a real pro
(during my report on “La Rose de Tunis”) to make the
zlabias: click
With a camera
in the hands, it is not easy to take pictures, this is not
the most beautiful zlabia in honey! Dip the zlabias in the honey.
There is at this moment, a magic moment, the doughnut absorbs the honey
he needs. 
Then let
Drain the zlabias on a rack. 
I do not hide that it
there was a huge amount of mutant zlabias… But I am the
proof that it can be done. Just practice… 
The zlabia will shine a little less after some
hours, the honey is drained and the balance is reached! 

After many
trials (and a lot of failed zlabias!) we finally arrive at some
beautiful zlabias. I saved the most beautiful ones for the photo.
I think that if you do nothing else for days, all the
zlabias can look like these: 

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