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My 5th book is in bookstores!

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My 5th book was released on March 19th and is prefaced by Christophe Michalak. It is always with as much passion and joy that I want to make you discover it. I am published for this one by Solar, even if I also stay with Flammarion, for the 6th one which will be released next November! You may have seen my chocolate workshops and homemade chocolate plates if you follow me on instagram(my account HERE!)? If so, you won’t be surprised to see that the theme of my latest baby is chocolate! On 160 pages, I tell you everything to be able to make it at home from the bean to the bar, in all its forms: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, vegan milk chocolate, without sugar, with green tea, with raspberries, and even chocolate without chocolate but with coffee! But also chocolates filled with praline and hazelnut or pistachio spreads, including homemade Nutella and even gianduia! Of course I explain everything about tempering, suggesting several methods at each step, depending on your equipment. I have developed two almost magical formulas to make all the chocolates in the world. Just put in what you like and the recipe comes out. Finally, I give you a lot of recipes of tablets, and desserts (cookies, madeleines, millefeuille, canelés, hot chocolate etc.)…

There are three parts to the book:

  • 1-Everything you need to know to make your own chocolate
  • 2-Recipes for bars and filled chocolates, spreads
  • 3-The recipes of desserts with chocolate

With this book you will be able to make homemade chocolate from the bean to the bar, but also to make bars without having to make your own chocolate, using branded chocolate, because you will know everything about tempering. I wanted it to be as complete as possible! All this in a beautiful book put in pictures by Claire Curt and prefaced by Christophe Michalak himself! I invite you to discover more below!

You can order it at your bookstore or on the following platforms: (click for a direct link!). It is priced at 15,95€ and will be delivered to you starting March 19, 2020!

I put you some pages of the book including the preface and visuals of the three parts of the book.

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