by Bernard

I propose you here cooking classes in my workshop in Porte des Lilas! Do not hesitate to contact me for any request for private lessons, lessons for company committees or renting the place to do your own lessons.

Sunday June 12 at 2pm : Thai cooking 1 ! An afternoon in the kitchen to discover the key ingredients of Thai cuisine. We will make the green curry paste together from fresh ingredients. Then you will each make a green curry with Thai chicken and eggplant, an irresistible cashew chicken and see the making of Tom Kah Gai, the famous coconut milk soup.

Saturday June 25 at 2pm : Thai cooking 2 Here is the second Thai cooking class with a very tempting menu ! This time, we will see the noodle dishes of this fabulous country. Each student will make two dishes (pad thai and pad see ew) and will leave with three recipes in masterclass: si-io dam wan sauce, but also kao tang nah tang (fried rice cakes with satay sauce) and the famous dessert: mango sticky rice!

Sunday June 26 at 2pm: Brazilian cuisine! During this 3h30 course, we will make and taste Brazilian cheese bread. Then we will make the typical dish of Bahia, the moqueca with shrimps and coconut milk. We will also see how to make delicious empadas, small pies rich in butter and creamy chicken. A real delight! We will finish with a quick demonstration of tapiocas, those little magic pancakes made with manioc starch.

Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd October: Chocolate Madness Workshop! This two-day course is unique in France. We will indeed see the manufacture of the bean to the tablet. The dark, milk and white chocolate will be made live and together. We will make homemade Nutella, pralines, but we will also learn more about cocoa butter and its tempering. We will start this course on Saturday morning around a hot chocolate and learn all the secrets of chocolate: roasting, crushing, winnowing and conching … My book “I make my own chocolate” published by Solar and prefaced by Christophe Michalak, will also be offered during this workshop!

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A recipe that does not fail to divide! Either we like it or we really can’t. It took me a while to really appreciate, then love this sweet red azuki bean paste. I used to buy pastries in Tokyo the many times I went there in another life, which contained them and at first I was a little skeptical. Then it became my little routine to finally taste it every time. I wanted to give you the recipe of the anko, with the two possible versions: the tsubuan, with the whole cooked beans and the koshian, with the mixed and sifted beans. This will of course be followed by a dorayaki recipe!


Last recipe (for the moment) of smørrebrød on my cooking blog. After my stay in Copenhagen, I came back with these very simple recipe ideas to make at home. With the three recipes I’ve just posted, you have enough to make a quick and delicious meal. Of course, I plan to put the rugbrød, the famous bread for smørrebrød!


An easy and delicious recipe that may make you want to rediscover Brussels sprouts. I love it, but I see too many people with a bias. I suggest this dish that can be used as a side dish or eaten alone. A bed of mushrooms with a gorgonzola sauce, topped with Brussels sprouts sautéed in olive oil and a pecan parmesan crumble. It’s moist, crispy, comforting!


In my former life, I went to Japan a bunch of times, and I always enjoyed eating there. I can’t wait to go back there. In supermarkets, onigiri, these rice triangles, filled with cooked tuna, cooked salmon, or a salted plum, can easily be found, but they can also take other shapes (dumplings, rectangles etc.). As soon as they are grilled (usually on a small grill), they are yaki onigiri (yaki = grilled). Here, I make them in the pan and I also put furikake, a condiment that gives a delicious taste to the rice. I enjoyed this recipe which is much easier to make than it looks!