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Praline Macaroons

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A new macaroon recipe on my blog. This time I give you my recipe for praline macaroons. A safe bet for this classic flavor and nevertheless delicious. The shells with roasted and crunchy hazelnuts reveal a soft and rich interior made of a homemade praline. You can add powdered hazelnuts to the macaroon mixture up to 50%, but I prefer to save that option for a future gianduja recipe! 

Recipe for praline macaroons (for 35 pieces):
-A basic recipe for macaroons (recipe HERE)
-a few chopped or crushed hazelnuts

Praline butter cream: 

-135g of praline (recipe HERE)

-95g of butter
– the tip of a knife with vanilla powder
-Italian meringue made with 60g sugar + 20g white

Make a recipe for plain macaroons. The recipe is here!

Crush a few hazelnuts with the bottom of a saucepan.

Sprinkle half of the macaroons with hazelnuts.

Bake as usual following the recipe for your oven. 

Preparation of the praline butter cream: 
The butter must be at room temperature. 

Mix with an electric whisk or in a food processor with whisk attachment. 

After three or four minutes, add the homemade praline (recipe here!) . We can put in the praline, half hazelnuts and half almonds, or that one or the other. 

Mix well and add vanilla powder. 

Prepare an Italian meringue with the same method as for the Italian meringue of the macaroons, but with 60g of sugar and 20g of whites. However, you have to let cool completely the meringue before incorporating it into the butter/praline, otherwise the butter would melt!

Mix by lifting the whole to not make fall back the Italian meringue, exactly as for a foam. 

Garnish the macaroon shells, and stick them two by two with one of the shells that will have hazelnuts. 

Store in an airtight box overnight before eating! 

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