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Black Truffle Butter Croutons

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These little croutons are delicious little pieces of sliced baguette, just baked to make them extra crispy and topped with a thin layer of black truffle butter and a thin slice of truffle. But then I guarantee you an explosion of flavor! These little bombs reveal all the mysteries of the black truffle in its smallest details! A simple way to get the real taste of this mushroom. The flavor of these mini-toasts will open a festive meal full of promise culinary! To be enjoyed slowly with a few glasses of champagne!

Recipe for black truffle butter croutons:

-1 black truffle of 40 grams (or white!!)
-200g of salted butter

For this recipe, you have to make it 3 days before! The butter will “absorb” the flavor of the truffle over this time!
Start by taking the salted butter out of the fridge. 

With a truffle razor, cut 3/4 of the truffle into thin strips.

The butter should be at room temperature and malleable. 

Put the butter in a small airtight box . Cover with truffle slices. 

Mash it all up with a fork and especially not with a blender!

As I keep a part of the truffle to cut it and put the last slices on some croutons, we can keep the butter with the truffle in the box. It’s always that much more truffle that the butter will “catch”. 
Protect the butter with a plastic film in the box if you want to mould it in small ramekins…

Or shape it into a 2 or 3 centimeters diameter sausage with a stretch film. 

Leave the butter in the refrigerator for 3 days. 
On the day, cut thin slices from a good baguette. 

Bake in the oven at 180°C for 5 minutes on each side, so 10 minutes in all. 

The bread should be dry and crisp. 

Cut very thin slices of truffle butter. 

Place the slice gently on the bread slices. 

Cut the last quarter of the truffle into thin strips and place them on the butter. 

It’s over. Serve immediately or let harden in a cool place for 10 minutes if the butter has softened too much.

Bernard’s advice:
you can freeze the butter well wrapped to use it later in other recipes.  

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