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Cantonese Rice

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Here it is, the famous Cantonese rice! A lot of people were looking forward to having the recipe on my blog. But I wanted to do things the right way. So here I am, back from Canton where I observed everything thoroughly, where I asked many questions, where I tasted many versions of this famous recipe. First observation: the Cantonese rice as we know it in France is not white. There is always a hint of soy sauce. Here I give you a recipe of this rice exactly as I liked it there. What is the origin of this special and delicious taste? Peking pork (which I make myself)! And cooking at high heat and fast in a real wok. 

Small precision: you can put what you want in the Cantonese rice, even if you have to respect some principles. There are always peas, corn, eggs etc… But you can remove the shrimps if you are allergic. 
Concerning the glazed pork: it is the one that gives the subtle taste to the rice. But it can be replaced by duck or chicken. I lacquer my own pork following the recipe for “char-siu” pork: recipe here!

Recipe of the Cantonese rice: (all this is approximate and can be adapted according to each one!)
-3 eggs
about ten raw shrimps   peeled
-half a nice carrot
-1 handful of peas
-1 handful of bean sprouts
-1 small can of corn
-6 Chinese chives
-500g of cooked white rice
-125g ready-made glazed pork or recipe here
-one or two tablespoons of clear soy sauce
-oil, salt
For the “homemade” glazed pork: (there will be a little left over, but it is so delicious)
-300g of pork chops
Char Siu Sauce
  -40g of maltose syrup (or glucose syrup at G Detou)
  -40g of honey
  -40g of Hoisin sauce (pronounced “oïe zine”, available at Tang frères)
  -30g of clear soy sauce
  15g of Mei Kuei Lu Chiew, the alcohol of rose (54°!)
  -1/2 teaspoon of “Chinese five spice”.
  -1/2 teaspoon toasted sesame oil
  3/4 spoonful of red dye
  -2 good pinches of baking soda
  -1 pinch of glutamate

For this recipe, my friends make fun of me because I lacquer my own pork with my char siu pork recipe!
I use pork chops that I marinate in char siu sauce overnight. I then remove it from its marinade and place it in an ovenproof dish.

Bake in the oven at 180°C for 20 minutes then cut into thin slices.

Then in small cubes!

We can start with the Cantonese rice!
Start by preparing all the ingredients before starting to cook, which will be very quick!

Cook the rice. I use an automatic   rice cooker, very practical. 

Cut the carrot half into thin slices, then into sticks and finally into small cubes: a fine brunoise!

Have the vegetables on hand: peas (frozen but thawed), drained corn and peking pork cut into small cubes.

Cut the shrimp into pieces.

Chop the Chinese onion.

Put the wok on very high heat. 

Add a little oil and then pour in the beaten eggs. 

Spread the eggs well in the wok to cook them almost instantly .

Quickly cut them into pieces. 

And clear in a cold dish. Set aside until ready to use.

Add oil to the hot wok. Add the shrimp in pieces. 

Add corn and peas. Everything is actually going very fast!

Add the carrots in brunoise.

Peeled pork in small cubes and chives. 

And finally, soybeans.

Cook for one minute, stirring constantly. Finally add the rice. 

Mix well so that all the ingredients blend into the rice.  Finish with the omelet and soy sauce. 
One should not put too much soy sauce. Just enough to color very slightly . In France we only know the white Cantonese rice, but no trace of such a rice in Canton or elsewhere in China. 

Stir well. Salt.

Serve immediately with the rice, possibly adding a few shrimp quickly cooked in the free wok for a luxurious Cantonese rice!  

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