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Chestnut Delight Flourless

Difficulté : Easy
Catégorie : Sweet
Cout : Low cost
Even though it’s getting cold here, it’s officially fall! And what I like during this season is to be able to nibble roasted chestnuts or to make cakes out of them. It is thus the occasion for me to prepare you my recipe of delight with the chestnuts without flour, thus without gluten. This cake is deliciously crispy on the surface (thanks to the chestnuts themselves) and soft and fragrant on the inside (thanks to the almond powder, vanilla, fresh butter and a hint of cognac). Come and try this quick and easy recipe. Moreover, these little cakes keep well (more than two weeks).

Recipe for chestnut fondant:

-245g raw chestnuts (Picard’s are perfect!)
-145g of sugar
-110g of very soft butter
-25g of almond powder
-1 large egg (60g)
-15g of cognac
-1 teaspoon of liquid vanilla
For this recipe, I like to use raw chestnuts from Picard. They are perfect! Just let them thaw. Otherwise, the recipe works of course with fresh chestnuts.

Grind the chestnuts in a meat grinder or blender into a fine purée.

If the chopper is used, it will be necessary to grind with the fine grid.

Put the chestnut purée in a bowl, add the sugar, vanilla, soft butter and almond powder.

Mix well and add the cognac.

Then add the egg.

Place the dough in four small molds of 9cm diameter, or one of 18, previously greased with a demolding spray.

Bake at 150 degrees for 45 minutes. 

Turn out of the oven at and let cool on a wire rack. You can put the unmolded cakes back in the oven for 5 minutes to get a slightly crispy surface and a soft interior!

Store these cakes in cling film in an airtight container.

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