Accueil Sweet Coffee and Chocolate Macaroons

Coffee and Chocolate Macaroons

Difficulté : Medium
Catégorie : Sweet
Cout : Low cost
Here is a new recipe for macaroons! I offer you my coffee and chocolate version. This time it’s coffee-flavored macaroon shells (the color is natural) with a soft chocolate and coffee ganache. The two create a perfect osmosis, a full-bodied but sweet aroma for these amber and deliciously chocolatey macaroons! 

Recipe for chocolate coffee macaroons:
3 sticks of freeze-dried coffee (that’s about 6g in all)

Chocolate-coffee ganache:
-220g of full cream
-275g of 55% chocolate
-40g of soft butter
3 sticks of freeze-dried coffee
Start by making a macaroon recipe. See
for the recipe in pictures. The difference is that you have to add the soluble coffee to the egg whites that go into the so much for so much.

Stir well to dissolve the coffee.

And add the whites to the coffee so much for so much.

Then proceed as explained in the recipe.

For the chocolate ganache. Heat the whole cream and pour it over the chopped chocolate (or pastilles like mine!).


 Add the soft butter and whisk to combine.

Add the soluble coffee to the still hot ganache. You can probably be more logical than me that day and put the coffee in the heated cream, before pouring it over the chocolate! But it works in both cases.

Put the ganache in a piping bag and let it firm up . When the ganache is “moldable”, fill the macaroon shells.

Close the macaroons and leave in a cool airtight box for 24 hours! It is essential for the development of the softness of the macaroon.

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