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Copper Sphere

Difficulté : Medium
Catégorie : Sweet
Cout : Affordable
This is the Copper Sphere, which is made in the same way as the golden sphere, but with a completely different hidden interior! Even if you don’t want to try this recipe because of the chocolate spheres (which are very simple, but require equipment!), you can make the same assembly in a circle or a cup without the tempered chocolate! I suggest you even try this recipe, if only for the mascarpone and amaretto whipped cream! A pure wonder!

 Recipe for 4 “copper spheres”:

-8 half spheres of

tempered chocolate

-copper glitter food colorant

-about fifteen cookies


-1/2 liter of

coffee ice cream

-1 cup of strong coffee
For the amaretto cream:
-125g of mascaprone
-125g of full cream
-30g of amaretto
-50g icing sugar
For the chocolate sauce:
-250g of milk
-100g of 70% dark chocolate
-30g of full cream
Prepare the tempered chocolate half spheres as indicated in my recipe (click on “tempered chocolate” in the ingredients).
Also prepare the amaretti.
Start by putting the amaretti back in the oven at 180°C for 10 minutes to re-cook them and make them crispy.

Brush a layer of glittering copper onto the unmolded half spheres with a makeup brush (reserved for this purpose!!).
Place in a bowl in the fridge with the beaters, cream, mascarpone, amaretto and powdered sugar. Let cool in refrigerator for at least 1 hour.
Take it out and then whip it into a thick whipped cream.

For the chocolate sauce, boil the milk and the cream then pour over the chocolate cut into pieces, mix well and leave on very low heat until use.
Prepare a strong coffee and pour amaretto (to taste!). Dip the amaretti (the soft ones, not the ones that have been baked again!).
For the assembly of the spheres.
Put the amaretto whipped cream in a piping bag.
Put a dab of cream on a plate and place a half copper sphere upside down.
Fill with two or three amaretti soaked in coffee, broken into pieces in the bottom of the half sphere.

Fill to the brim with cream. Place a scoop of coffee ice cream on top and sprinkle with small pieces of dried amaretti.
Close with the second half sphere.
Sprinkle dry amaretti around the base and place a soft amaretti on top. We can do whatever we want anyway!
Prepare the other 3 spheres in the same way and pour the hot chocolate sauce over the spheres in front of the guests. The spheres will then break and melt to reveal their secret interior! Spectacular effect guaranteed!

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