Accueil Sweet Crispy Praline Rochers

Crispy Praline Rochers

Difficulté : Medium
Catégorie : Sweet
Cout : Low cost
Dark chocolate rochers with a strong cocoa aroma and roasted almonds, filled with a crunchy home-made praline. These rocks will quickly take their place at coffee time!

I advise you to read carefully the recipe for
tempered chocolate
. I remind you that I use the Mycryo cocoa butter method, which I prefer to the traditional method, which is too cumbersome to carry out in normal conditions, in an environment where the hygrometry and temperature of the room are not controlled.

Recipe for 64 “crispy praline rochers”:

200g of

hazelnut paste

 (click on the title to get the recipe)

-200g of

praline paste

-140g of black cover
-60g of milk chocolate
-60g of crêpes dentelles (feuilletines)
-400g of black couverture (I took the Manjari from Valrhona)
-4g of mycryo cocoa butter
-80g chopped almonds

Before starting, bring a thermometer and chocolate utensils, which are easier to use for dipping the ganaches into the couverture.

Start by mixing the hazelnut paste and praline paste in a large bowl.

Melt the dark and milk chocolate in a microwave or double boiler.
Add the chocolate to the praline/hazelnut paste, mix well and then add the crêpes dentelles reduced to a coarse powder.

Prepare a 16cm x 16sm frame on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

Pour the crunchy praline into the frame.

Then store in the refrigerator until the praline has hardened.

Pass a hot blade around the frame. If you have a frame with a removable edge, it’s probably much easier. You can also run the hair dryer around it to make it easier. Leave at room temperature.

Cut into 64 equal parts. I wasn’t happy with the cubes, so I rolled the cubes by hand to make balls again. The professionals use a “guitar” to cut the ganaches perfectly, but given the exorbitant price, I prefer this method.

Toast the chopped almonds at 180°C for a dozen minutes, stirring halfway through.
Melt the coating at 40-45°C using the tempered chocolate method.
Add Mycryo cocoa butter at 35°C.
Mix well, then add the roasted almonds.
Let the temperature drop to 31-32°C, stirring frequently.
At this point, dip the balls, or cubes, into the blanket to medium.
Scrape off excess coating from the bowl.
Place the candies (that’s the term…) on a parchment paper and let them crystallize at room temperature.

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