Difficulté: Easy


Greek tomato fritters (domatokeftedes)

These are the deliciously tasty Greek tomato fritters, domatokeftedes. I made them with cherry tomatoes, but you can make them with large tomatoes. The advantage is that they are completely vegan. Very crispy, I find them irresistible!

Walnut bourmas (crumpled baklava)

After returning from Greece, where I ate a different baklava almost every day, I felt like making the rather Turkish version again, with that crinkly texture that gives a wonderful crunch. You can of course put any dried fruit you like (almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, cashews). This little sweetness is very easy to make and will be ready in no time!


Greek zucchini and feta fritters, kolokythokeftede

As promised, I am back on the blog with new recipes after several trips. I went to Greece, which I loved a few years ago, and I really wanted to make these zucchini and feta fritters again, full of flavor, with dill and mint. They’ll be delicious crisp and warm, with a simple, fresh, lightly salted Greek yogurt. The contrast is fantastic!

Lemon, olive oil and toasted almond cookies

Amazing cookies, with a fresh and pronounced lemon flavor. I also put a little olive oil and toasted almond powder. The result is very tasty and will delight you! As usual with these cakes, they will be ready in no time and will keep for at least a week in the refrigerator, well wrapped.


Here is a Greek cake full of sunshine and flavors! Its main ingredients are the orange and the filo pastry, which must be left to dry an hour before, in order to reduce it to pieces. Very simple to make, it has a rather incredible consistency thanks to the filo pastry and the traditional addition of syrup full of orange zest. Obviously it’s a fairly rich cake, but so good, especially since it’s occasional! I can only recommend that you take the time to squeeze the oranges to obtain a fresh juice, the dessert will only be better.


Creamy coffee cream

A smooth and shiny coffee cream, with a perfect hold, here is the promise of this recipe! With only 4 ingredients. I offered you my creamy chocolate cream recipe and many of you asked me for the coffee one. I had to do some tests, because without the chocolate and its cocoa butter which gives a nice texture, the recipe does not work the same way. It’s done and you can of course adapt it without coffee, but with vanilla!


Grilled broccolinis, tahini sauce with Espelette pepper

How can you resist these beautiful green vegetables, roasted in the oven with olive oil and served with a very creamy and tasty Espelette pepper sauce? This is not my intention and on the contrary, I would like you to discover, for those who do not know them yet, broccolini, a cousin of broccoli! An absolute delight!

Cheddar pistachio savory shortbread

Here is a recipe for small shortbread that I developed after having eaten similar ones in London. They are absolutely delicious and above all very crispy! You can keep them for more than a week in a perfectly airtight box. They will be irresistible for an aperitif!


Amaretti pistachio cardamom

I discovered these amaretti in a store in London where I go from time to time. I didn’t have the recipe but just the list of ingredients. I did a few tests and voila! It worked very well. It has pistachio, cardamom and a little orange zest and bitter almond extract in it. They are soft and will keep well for several days (weeks?) in an airtight box.

Coquillettes Ham Tartufata

With friends, we sometimes eat at the Bouillon in Paris. It’s really inexpensive, well served and very good! I had ordered this dish several times and I thought I could offer it to you, because it is so simple and can be made in 5 minutes flat! With the cold weather, it is the kind of small dishes quickly done well that delight the taste buds. In the end it is almost a childish dish adapted to adults, with the tartufata that totally transforms it!