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Far Breton

Difficulté : Easy
Catégorie : Sweet
Cout : Low cost

I was quite surprised by the number of requests for the Far Breton recipe! So I took advantage of my vacation in the family house and its sea air to make it!  Here it is, but I give here the basic recipe. The original recipe does not include prunes or raisins! But they can of course be added to this recipe. You can also make it as thick as you want and, above all, flambé it with Grand Marnier when it comes out of the oven! But be aware that a far is rarely thick and is between one and two centimeters.

Basic recipe of “far breton”:

-750ml of fresh whole milk
-240g of flour
-190g of sugar
-4 eggs
-50g of salted butter
-prunes or grapes marinated in rum optional!!!

Preheat oven to 160°C.
Place sugar and whole eggs in a bowl. Whisk them together.

Add half the flour and mix well to avoid lumps.
Add about a third of the milk and continue to mix well.
Add the rest of the flour…
Then after mixing, the rest of the milk. By proceeding in this way, we completely avoid lumps! You get a kind of pancake batter.
Put about a third of the 50g of salted butter in an earthenware dish.
And spread it with a paper towel or by hand!
Pour the dough into the dish. The height of the cooked far is the same as the height of the poured dough. It takes less than two centimeters! At this point you can add the prunes or grapes marinated in rum to the dish!
Add the rest of the salted butter cut into thin strips on the surface of the dough…
Put in the oven for about an hour!  
You have to watch the far to avoid burning. It must be set, so it must be well cooked when it comes out of the oven.
It is at this stage quite swollen. A far can swell impressively depending on how thick it is!
You can then see that it takes its final thickness as it cools!
Let cool completely before eating!

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