Accueil Sweet Fruit Pasta: Passion Fruit

Fruit Pasta: Passion Fruit

Difficulté : Easy
Catégorie : Sweet
Cout : Affordable
This has been nagging at me for a while! I love fruit jellies and I enjoyed figuring out the percentage of sugar and pectin based on the fruit I wanted. So I start with the passion fruit pasta. A perfect sweet and sour mix. As you can imagine, we’re going to need a few more hard-to-find ingredients (but everything is available on the internet nowadays!). And homemade fruit jellies are so good! 

Recipe for fruit pastes (for 36 pieces of 3X3cm):
-400g of passion fruit puree
-400g of sugar
-100g of glucose syrup
-20g of yellow pectin
-the juice of half a lemon
-crystal sugar

First of all, here are the two products that are harder to find for some. Yellow pectin and passion fruit puree in a bottle. As always, I buy from G.Detou.
Place the passion fruit puree in a saucepan over low heat and bring to a boil.
Mix some of the scure (3-4 large tablespoons taken from the total weight of the sugar) with the yellow pectin.

When the liquid boils, add the sugar-pectin.

Mix well and bring back to a boil. Add remaining sugar. 

Also add the glucose syrup. 

Note from Bernard:
to pour it easily, you can heat 30 seconds in the microwave or in a bain-marie. This way it will become liquid. 

Add the juice of half a lemon, filtering it well (in a tea strainer for example).
Bring to 107°C while stirring.

Pour into a 18X18cm frame placed on a silicone mat. Don’t worry, the whole thing will remain watertight and the liquid won’t come out under the frame…

Put immediately a stretch film on the contact (really on the liquid). Let cool completely then put in the fridge for a good two hours.

Here is my guitar for ganache, caramel, fruit jelly etc…

But don’t panic! It remains a toy that I gave myself by pure madness! You can cut the fruit paste with a knife! Remove from the pan by running a knife along the set mass and unmold.

Cut into six on each side. 

Then cut each slice into 6 pieces.

Put some granulated sugar in a container and roll the resulting pieces in it! 
Place on a plate and then throw yourself on it! 

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