Ingrédient: paprika

Fried Chicken

Here is my second recipe (out of 3) for my partnership with Uhaina organic beers! This time I propose an American fried chicken that will be perfect with an ice

Baked Brussels sprouts

To some, this may sound crazy, but I am a fan of Brussels sprouts! Not the traumatic ones from our childhood canteen, eh! But the home-cooked ones. I love them

Veal Meatballs with Smoked Scarmoza

I love meatballs, but then these surpass any I’ve ever had. I have a friend, Gaëlle, who is a very good cook, who once made me this recipe that she

Paprika fries

Hello to all! I’m finally back with a site on a new server. I have my fingers crossed that this time it works for the better. It will take a