Ingrédient: sucre

Welsh Cakes

Here is a recipe from Wales. These cakes are pan-fried and ready in 15-20 minutes maximum. A childish simplicity for a very tasty result. They are delicious for breakfast with

Broyé du Poitou with Nuts

I love shortbread, but especially when it’s too big to eat alone. I had proposed the recipe of the crushed Poitou in my first book “Mes desserts” published by Flammarion.

Blueberry Doughnuts

Generous doughnuts, soft and filled with blueberries, not too sweet! If this makes you want to, I’ll tell you all my secrets. I start with a yudane paste that will

Soft buns for hot dogs, Yudane method

The yudane is like a small miracle. To get magically soft buns, buns and milk breads, yudane and tangzhong are pretty amazing solutions! I start with yudane, for those hot

Lebanese puff pastries with cashew nuts

I love these little flaky cashew cakes, which come from Lebanon, whose gastronomy I love. I had made this recipe in my first book, Mes desserts, published by Flammarion in


For Christmas, I offer you one of the many recipes from my new book, Scandalously Decadent, published by Flammarion, the Kanelsnurrer. I redid everything step by step for the blog,