Ingrédient: Sucre glace

Honey-nut squares

Fall is here with its share of comforting delights. I love nuts and I’ve probably come up with recipes mixing honey and nuts on my blog, but I always enjoy

Tiramisu Amarena

I recently made this amarena cherry tiramisu for some friends, as I had just bought a large jar of these delicious, incredibly fragrant cherries. I remade the tiramisu for my

Pistachio Lemon Cake

This time on my cooking blog, I propose a pistachio and lemon cake. Its texture is both rich and melting, soft and dense. I put a little lemon zest in

Spiral Marbled Shortbread

Funny shortbread with a nice spiral shape, all without any special utensil. You will shape them by hand. It’s a bit of work and you’ll probably start over several times

Czech Christmas Braided Brioche

Here is a new recipe made in partnership with Visit Czech Republic. This time we made the Christmas braided bun. Deliciously flavored with lemon, almonds and raisins, it is composed

Czech Christmas Shortbread

For the Christmas holidays, this year we’re heading to the Czech Republic with delicious little shortbreads! As we cannot travel at the moment, we will do it this time in

Thin apple pies

This time, I propose not one, but two recipes of thin apple pies. One with almond cream and vanilla and the other with chestnut cream and nuts. Two very simple

Chavroux, fig and pecan cheesecake

I propose you today a dessert a little bit particular. I was offered a partnership with Chavroux to imagine a recipe where this famous fresh goat cheese would be used.