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Lemon Macaroons

Difficulté : Medium
Catégorie : Sweet
Cout : Affordable

Here are the lemon macaroons! I’ve been asked for the recipe for so long, but this time it’s done! I had to find a way to keep the macaroon from getting wet with the filling… It’s done! They are deliciously filled with a lemon cream that holds together and doesn’t give the macaroons any moisture.

Recipe for “lemon macaroons” for about thirty macaroons:


basic recipe for macaroons

 (with the tip of a knife of lemon yellow powdered dye)
-1 egg
-170g of lemon juice
-150g of butter
-110g of sugar
-the zest of a lemon
-40g of almond powder
-15g of cornstarch
-1 sheet of gelatin
Start by making a recipe for
of basic macaroons
 with the lemon yellow powdered dye. Cook as directed in my recipe.

Prepare the lemon cream. Squeeze the lemons. Put the gelatin sheet in cold water to soak.

And get the zest of a lemon. Put it with the juice.
Combine egg, cornstarch and sugar in a bowl.
Add the lemon juice and place in a saucepan over low heat.

When the mixture begins to thicken and boil, remove from heat and add the wrung-out gelatin sheet. Mix well.
Add the butter cut into pieces.
Then when all the butter is incorporated (melting…) add the almond powder.
Let the cream cool. Place in a piping bag and fill the macaroon shells two by two.

Don’t forget to let the macaroons rest for 24 hours in a cool place before eating them!

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