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Difficulté : Medium
Catégorie : SavorySweet
Cout : Low cost
I have been eating mlaouis (meloui in the singular) for years. As you may know, I often go to Morocco and I always learn a lot of delicious recipes. The meloui is a small flaky pancake absolutely divine that can be found in almost all the Maghreb. Drizzled with honey for breakfast or to accompany a tagine, the meloui is irresistible. A big thank you to Miryem and Bouchra who accepted to share their culinary knowledge with me (I made them a strawberry cake and a kouign amann). I made the recipe on the spot, taking pictures of Bouchra for the steps, but I redid the recipe in my workshop to be sure of the proportions I had noted and especially to adapt it (I use fine durum wheat semolina, whereas in Morocco it is durum wheat flour, even finer). 

The team ready to cook mlaouis and especially a vegetable tagine. We had a great time! 

Ingredients for 11 malouis:

  • 160g of flour T45
  • 190g of fine durum wheat semolina
  • 2,5g dry yeast or 8g fresh yeast
  • 4g of salt
  • 200ml of water

Put the flour in a large dish or in the bowl of your food processor.

Pour in the fine durum wheat semolina. 

Put the fresh or dry yeast in the middle and the salt on the side. 

Pour the water (at room temperature) over the yeast to dissolve it. 

Start kneading by hand or with the hook of your KitchenAid.

It takes elbow grease if you do everything by hand. Easier with the robot ! 

Knead for 5 to 10 minutes. 

Place a cling film (or plastic bag) in contact with it and let it rest for 30 minutes. 

Coat the dough with a little oil and cut 50g balls of dough. Here, a technique that I have also been using for a while (since 2011 when I did an Algerian cooking course), that Bouchra also does (like everyone else in the Maghreb). You have to pinch a ball with your thumb and forefinger that will cut itself. 


And hop! The plop and the hop are very important…
Do the same for all the dumplings. 

Rub a little oil on their surface and protect them with a film. Let it sit again for 10 to 15 minutes this time. 

Prepare your work surface. Put a bowl with fine durum wheat semolina and a bowl with half melted butter and half oil. You need 150g in total. 

Oil the work surface well. Roll out a ball of dough by dipping your fingers into the bowl of fat. It should be spread as thinly as possible, avoiding tearing as much as possible. 

Still with your fingers, pour a little butter/oil and a little fine durum wheat semolina. 

Fold in half.

Fold in half again lengthwise. 

Then start to roll up by folding little by little.

By pulling the dough gently, expand the small piece that remains to be folded. 

Finish folding.

Then push the expanded side inward on the resulting roll. 

And There you go ! 

Do the same for all the dumplings. 

For cooking. Spread the small cylinder by pressing on it, always on the oiled work surface. 

In a frying pan over moderate heat, cook the mlaouis on each side. 

They must be well browned. 

You can store them in a small bag in the fridge for several days or even freeze them. It is best to eat them right away. To reheat them I simply put them in the toaster and sprinkle them generously with honey! A little taste bomb! 

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