Accueil Sweet Millionaire Shortbreads

Millionaire Shortbreads

Difficulté : Easy
Catégorie : Sweet
Cout : Affordable
Be careful, this recipe can have side effects and be a real danger for your mental health or cause nervous itching. Anyone likely to be on diet should not attempt it under any circumstances. Parents with children should not experiment with it at the risk of provoking in them an addiction and a constant demand for irrational renewal. The duration of treatment with millionaire shortbreads should not exceed two consecutive days. Adverse reactions have been observed and several people have been seen licking the baking paper and sticking their heads in the caramel pan.
You have been warned… 

Recipe for millionaire shortbreads for a 21X21 square pan:
-60g of sugar
-120g of salted butter
-180g of flour

-150g of blond vergeoise
-25g of honey
-175g of butter
-1 can of sweetened condensed milk (397g)
-1/4 teaspoon salt

-200g of tempered milk chocolate (or not, but it’s nicer!)
Preheat the oven to 180°C.

Put the soft salted butter and sugar in a bowl.

Mix well to obtain a kind of cream (with the sheet, the “K” if you have a robot!).

Add the flour.

Mix well and bring the dough into a ball without overworking it.

Put the ball in a 21X21cm mold lined with parchment paper.

Spread evenly by hand and then with the back of a tablespoon.

Place in oven for 25 minutes. For plain shortbreads, I leave the dough fairly white, but here I prefer to color it slightly. It should be golden on top.

Prepare the caramel by putting the blond cane sugar (a very soft sugar or blond vergeoise), salt and butter in a saucepan.

Add the honey. 

Put on low heat and bring to boil. Boil for 3-4 minutes.

Add the can of sweetened condensed milk. 

Stir well and leave for 8-10 minutes from boiling over low heat while stirring constantly. 

Pour the caramel over the baked dough. 

Let cool completely then put in the fridge for two hours before putting the chocolate. 

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler or in the microwave. 

For this recipe, I preferred to temper it using the mycryo cocoa butter method to avoid white streaks on the top. The whole method is explained HERE.
Pour the tempered chocolate over the caramel.

Spread the chocolate evenly, either with a spatula to get little waves on top or by stirring the pan to get a smooth surface (which I did here).

When the chocolate starts to set but is not yet hard (ten minutes after pouring), cut with a sharp blade into 16 parts. 

Store in an airtight box. These millionaire shortbreads must be put out of sight of any sane person… 

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