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The Nougatine is not a confectionery so difficult to make if you have the ingredients! Glucose syrup, fondant and chopped almonds. You can use slivered almonds to obtain a slightly finer nougatine. The glucose syrup prevents the whole thing from crystallizing. The nougatine can be shaped as you wish if the cutting tools are oiled.

Recipe of the nougatine:
-360g chopped or slivered almonds
-300g of glucose syrup
-500g of white fondant
45g of half-salt butter
 Start by baking the almonds in the oven for 10 minutes at 150°C. Stir regularly. On the picture you can see that they are barely toasted. (well the flash doesn’t help!)
Put the glucose syrup and the fondant in a saucepan over low heat. The fondant will melt. FYI the glucose syrup is super thick, it’s kind of fun to see! It was actually used mixed with something else to serve as a monster slime in the movie Alien!
The mixture will start to boil, you can stir from time to time.
Let it caramelize. The caramel should be dark brown because the almonds and butter will lighten it!
Add the colored almonds and mix well.
Then add the salted butter.
And mix well, always on soft fire until the nougatine takes off a little from the bottom of the pan.
Pour on an oiled marble, or a silpat (siliconized carpet) or on a sheet of siliconized paper on a heat resistant surface!
Roll out with an oiled roller and cut the nougatine into the desired shape with an oiled knife.
It is absolutely necessary to preserve the nougatine in a hermetic box because moisture is fatal to it! You can make nougatine ice cream cups and cake display stands!

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