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When you think about it, this recipe is completely crazy: it is fatty, there is almost no vitamin, the body stores it directly in our dear fatty capitons… Yes, but it’s so good! Since I was 12 years old, when I went to the United States for the first time with a family American, I’m looking for a recipe that would give me excellent “onion rings”, those onion fritters so crispy. I’ve eaten a lot of them over the past few years to get a feel for what I like (can you imagine the sacrifice?).  I knew what I wanted: doughnuts that stay crispy for a long time. This is the same problem as shrimp fritters (recipe HERE). Everything is solved by getting rid of the eternal egg (that’s what makes the doughnuts soft after 5 minutes). Thanks to my blog, I now have a legitimate excuse to finally make “onion rings” (it’s for a good cause) and I have to admit, it’s delicious!

Recipe for “onion rings

-2 large sweet onions
-220g of flour
-80g of cornstarch
-salt pepper
-sweet pepper powder
-290g of cold water
-1/2 teaspoon baking powder
-200g of “panko” (Japanese breadcrumbs) or classic breadcrumbs
Cut the onions into fairly large slices (less than a centimetre!) and separate the different layers.

Prepare the dough: put the cornstarch, flour, salt, pepper, add a little paprika and sweet pepper. 

Mix well then add cold water while mixing to avoid lumps.

Do not add the yeast until the very last moment, when everything else is ready (hot oil, chopped onions, hungry stomach).

Dip the onion rings with a fork. The onion should be completely immersed in the dough. 

Gently transfer the onions to the Japanese breadcrumbs. This is a slightly thicker breadcrumb. Classic breadcrumbs will work just as well. The “panko” is even more crispy! All onions can be prepared in this way before frying. You can even freeze them raw and then fry them frozen. This way, they can be cooked even faster, without having to prepare the following onions while the first ones are cooking.

Fry the onion rings in a hot pan.

When the onions are golden brown, take them out and let them cool on a paper towel.

Eat the “onion rings” hot! 

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