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For Christmas, I offer you one of the many recipes from my new book, Scandalously Decadent, published by Flammarion, the Kanelsnurrer. I redid everything step by step for the blog,

Czech Christmas Braided Brioche

Here is a new recipe made in partnership with Visit Czech Republic. This time we made the Christmas braided bun. Deliciously flavored with lemon, almonds and raisins, it is composed

Czech Christmas Shortbread

For the Christmas holidays, this year we’re heading to the Czech Republic with delicious little shortbreads! As we cannot travel at the moment, we will do it this time in

Dark chocolate oatmeal cookies

It’s a perfect season and in the current mood, we need a little comfort. I had made these cookies for my chocolate workshop students for the breakfast meeting. The recipe

Puff pastry brioche

As you may know, I have just finished writing my 6th book, which will be published by Flammarion on November 18th and which marks my real return to the field

Power cookies

I’m slowly coming back to the blog after a little absence. While waiting for me to get back to the stove, I give you a recipe from my book Végéterrien

Double chocolate cake

During confinement, there is nothing like cooking for yourself and/or your family. Of course, if this goes on too long, we’ll all gain weight! But anyway, I suggest this double

Pecan Spice Cookies

When I came across these mussels in the United States, I knew right away what I was going to do with them because they are so photogenic. And I also

Fresh cheese and mandarin tartlets

I just came back from a short stay in Mexico City. This recipe has nothing to do with this country, but yet there were these tarts at my hotel breakfast.

Cinnamon and walnut shortbread

With the cold weather arriving faster than expected, I was very excited to make some shortbread with a Christmas spirit. You can of course make them in any shape you