Accueil Savory Red Curry and Shrimp Risotto

Red Curry and Shrimp Risotto

Difficulté : Easy
Catégorie : Savory
Cout : Affordable
A creamy risotto with totally unexpected flavors! This is what I suggest by adding red curry paste and shrimp with kaffir leaves. A cross between classic Italian cuisine and Thai flavors. The result is explosive and particularly tasty. The risotto melts in your mouth, the chili pepper tastes delicious, the shrimp are caramelized on the surface and the whole thing will add a touch of originality to your dinner! 

This is what a “kaffir leaf”, also called “lemon leaf” or “combava leaf”, looks like. It is often sold frozen in Asian grocery stores.

Recipe for red curry risotto for 4 people:

-1 shallot
-3 tablespoons of oil
-2-3 teaspoons of red curry paste (for a homemade paste click here
-300g of risotto rice
-1 liter of vegetable broth
-6 kaffir leaves
-4 bunches of cilantro
-2 heaping teaspoons of brown sugar
-2 tablespoons of nuoc mâm
-15cl of coconut cream

For shrimp:
-40 peeled shrimp
-2 heaping teaspoons of red curry paste
-6 kaffir leaves
-2 heaping teaspoons of brown sugar 
-2 tablespoons of nuoc mâm
-oil to make them return

For the risotto: put the finely chopped shallot, oil and red curry paste in a large saucepan over moderate heat.

Sauté for a minute or two, then add the rice. 

Mix well in the fat so that it becomes pearly. Then pour in a little vegetable stock (on the liter).

Then proceed as for a classic risotto: pour the broth in small quantities. Wait until it is well absorbed before pouring more. In total, a risotto takes about 20 minutes to cook from the time the broth is poured in. 

This gives you time to prepare the shrimp: remove the midrib from the kaffir leaves. 

Then chop them finely.  

Prepare the shrimps by placing them with all their ingredients in a bowl (sugar, red curry paste, nuoc mâm, 6 kaffir leaves).  Mix well. 

Put 6 chopped kaffir lime leaves in the risotto. 

When you have poured all the broth, add the coconut cream, sugar and nuoc mâm. 

Finely chop the coriander and add it. In the photo, I had flat cilantro, but classic cilantro obviously works! 

Mix well. The risotto is ready! Keep it warm! 

Pour oil into a large frying pan over fairly high heat and add the shrimp. If everything doesn’t fit in the pan, cook in two batches! 

With the sugar, the shrimp will color well. 

Pour the risotto into 4 plates, add 10 cooked shrimp and serve immediately! 

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