Christmas meal 2022 : My 36 traditional & original recipes

The end of year festivities are coming up, Christmas is almost here! Still looking for recipes for dinner? Don’t panic! I offer you a selection of Christmas recipes to delight your taste buds and impress your guests with 100% homemade dishes! Tarama, foie gras, Christmas logs, I give you all my secrets for an exceptional meal.

The end of the year is a magical time to get together with your family and enjoy a good meal. Originally, this holiday represents the birth of Jesus in the Catholic religion. Protestants adopt the tree as a symbol of Adam and Eve’s paradise and the Christmas gifts are a symbolic representation of the offerings brought by the Three Kings. From now on, and for our greatest happiness, this party has become widely democratized. December 25 in France is a holiday and many families gather to celebrate the end of the year with a big tree and gifts for young and old. I’ve been a fan of this holiday myself for as long as I can remember, and it’s time for me to cook with my mom. It’s a real Proust’s madeleine!

Sometimes it’s hard to find a Christmas menu that will suit everyone’s tastes and that is always more creative than last year’s menu. In this article, I suggest a multitude of recipes, tested and approved by me, that will help you compose the perfect meal to celebrate the festivities.

Whether you’re looking for simple and easy recipes or if you prefer more fancy dishes, I’ve got just the thing for you! In this selection, there are ideas for Christmas menus, from appetizer to dessert, with recent recipes and others that I have published for nearly 12 years, so the photos are not all equal!

The recipes are classified according to their difficulty (in the drop-down list) to make it easier for you to find the right menu for the time you have available in your kitchen. Just click on the recipes to access them!

All you have to do is select the dishes you want to make, depending on your mood and the number of guests.
You can decide to give a theme to your meal: a traditional Christmas, creative dishes, an economical meal or only fish recipes for example.
Of course you can also check out my blog, to find hundreds of other traditional dishes or recipe ideas for New Year’s Eve .
Feel free to tell me in the comments, the wonderful recipes you selected or if you chose other recipes than the one I listed.
Anyway, I hope that you will be able to gather your loved ones, that everyone will be in excellent health and that you will enjoy good food.
I wish you a very happy Christmas!