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Shrimp Tarama

Difficulté : Easy
Catégorie : Savory
Cout : Low cost
As promised, I am offering you one tarama recipe per week. This time, a creamy shrimp tarama. For the holidays, you will be ready to prepare your own taramas! By offering you these recipes, you don’t have to go back to the basic tarama page and click directly on the one of your choice in the recipe index. 

Recipe of the “tarama” for 4 to 6 persons:

-70g of bread crumbs (bread without the crust, but quality bread!)
-1/2 egg yolk (just take a little yolk)
-a 280g bag of smoked cod eggs (or mullets if available)
-170g to 200g of oil
-1/2 glass of milk
-400g to 500g cooked and peeled shrimp

Start by removing the crust from the bread. I bought bread from Poilâne, which has a dense and delicious crumb. It is very easy with a fresh crumb.
Put the crumb in a bowl and pour enough milk to soak it completely.

Wring out the crumb in your hand. Remove excess milk from bowl. Return the crushed crumb to the bowl. If the bread still has a little milk in it, that’s good because the tarama will hold up even better!
Add half an egg yolk (this will not give any taste, but provides the protein needed to emulsify the oil).

Mix at low speed with an electric whisk for 2 minutes, to break down the proteins in the egg yolk and milk.

Add the equivalent of two or three spoonfuls of oil while still mixing at low speed. This will start the emulsion. The oil immediately begins to enclose itself in small “capsules” of water (which comes from the milk and thanks to the half-yolk).

Here is an egg pocket of smoked cod.

Open it with a knife on one side. All that remains is to remove the eggs with a spoon.

Add the eggs (without the skin of the pocket).

Then start mixing until all the pocket pieces are gone.

Add the remaining oil in a thin stream, slowly rising just like a mayonnaise. 

Do not make the tarama with a blender as I read in some recipes! 
Then with an electric whisk, add the oil in a stream, very gently, just like a mayonnaise! I made my tarama on the fly, trying to get the best result possible. But I weighed everything before and after, so the proportions I listed above are the ideal ones for me.
Regarding the addition of lemon, I prefer to leave it up to each person to add it to the tarama at the time of tasting!
Once all the oil has been added, mix well with a spoon, scraping the edges to incorporate everything.
Cook the shrimp and peel them.
Then cut them coarsely with a knife and chop with a fork. 

Add the shrimp to the prepared tarama. 

Enjoy chilled on toast or blini.

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