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Stuffed Piquillos with Tuna

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Hardly a real recipe, but more of a pairing idea to eat the grilled piquillos that will stay after the wild strawberry tarts! A starter prepared in 2 minutes top chrono with what there is in the cupboard… Assuming we have piquillos in it…! A funny entry for the children who will not fail to want to devour these hats of elf!

Thanks to Chloe, who made me discover the mixture of Saint Môret and tuna… I’m not a fan of canned tuna, but this combination is delicious! And much less fatty and disgusting than tuna/mayonnaise…! 

Recipe for piquillos stuffed with tuna:

-10 to 12 grilled piquillos
-250g of canned tuna
-225g of Saint Môret (classic or light!)
-salt pepper
-Basil for color

Here are the piquillos to start with, it is a variety of peppers and they are already roasted in cans. (G.Detou!).

Put the canned tuna and the Saint Môret in a container….

Mash with a fork and add salt and pepper. 

After this effort, if there is still enough energy, stuff the piquillos with a spoon. 

And put them in the fridge if you don’t eat them right away! 

Serve as is or with a basil leaf for color! 

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