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Swiss Fondue

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With the culinary trip to Lausanne, I had to put a recipe for Swiss fondue. I’m giving you a global recipe here, knowing that you can choose which type of cheese to add in this recipe. You will have the possibility of making a Vaudoise fondue, a Fribourg fondue, the Moitié-Moitié fondue, Neuchâteloise or even a Central Switzerland fondue. 

Here are the main Swiss fondues:

  • Fondue Vaudoise: 100% Gruyère cheese
  • Fondue Fribourgeoise: 100% vacherin fribourgeois
  • Half and half fondue: 50% Gruyère cheese 50% Vacherin Fribourgeois
  • Fondue Neuchâteloise: 50% Gruyère cheese 50% Emmental cheese
  • Central Switzerland Fondue: 1/3 Gruyère 1/3 Emmental 1/3 Sbrinz

Swiss fondue recipe for 4 people:

-800g of cheese 
-350ml of dry white wine
-1 clove of garlic
-3 to 4 level teaspoons of potato starch (or cornstarch)
-pepper, nutmeg
-1 small liqueur glass (20ml) of kirsch (not the fancy one!!)
-a dash of lemon juice or a pinch of cream of tartar

Prepare the cheeses and weigh them without the rinds. The night I made my fondue, I had gruyere and vacherin fribourgeois, so it was a half and half fondue…

Peel the garlic clove and rub it into the bottom and up the side of the fondue pot. 

Dissolve the cornstarch (or potato starch) in a little white wine taken from the 350ml.

Grate the cheese and put it in a fondue pot (I didn’t have one on hand, but I made it in a heavy-bottomed copper pan!). on low heat, immediately add the dry white wine. 

Pour the liquid starch into the caquelon. 

Leave and add lemon juice (the equivalent of a tablespoon) or a good pinch of cream of tartar. 

Bernard’s advice
Lemon or cream of tartar are acidic and allow to emulsify the fondue. Concretely, the fatty substances of the cheese (and there are many!!) do not want to mix with the white wine (water + alcohol). Adding this acidity will create a reaction that will result in a perfectly homogeneous fondue! And there will be no lemon taste! 

Season with pepper and grate nutmeg. Do not salt!

Always cook over low to moderate heat, turning with a wooden spoon. 

When the fondue is…melted, add the kirsch (still not the fantasy!!).

While stirring constantly, allow to cook and boil. The fondue becomes as creamy as you like! The longer you let it boil, the smoother it becomes. So you have to adjust according to what you like!

Serve immediately in positioning the fondue pot on a flame to keep it warm.  Dip pieces of bread from the previous day (which will not dissolve immediately in the hot fondue). 

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