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Thai chocolates

Difficulté : Easy
Catégorie : Sweet
Cout : Low cost
During my stays in Bangkok, I never fail to buy these cashew and sesame pralines, which are slightly caramelized and especially very crunchy! The sugar is salted to excite our taste buds even more. I offer you this recipe mainly to please myself, because now I can prepare and offer these Thai chocolates without having to cross the globe! There is no difficulty here and raw cashews and unroasted sesame seeds can be found in any “organic” store or Asian supermarket. 
Warning: this recipe is very quickly addictive. Side effects are to be expected, such as withdrawal, a compulsive desire to finish the bowl, a violent irritation to see his “organic” store closed…
Recipe for Thai chocolates: 
-250g of unroasted cashew nuts, unsalted
-250g of sugar
-half a teaspoon of salt
-unroasted sesame seeds 
Place sugar and salt in a large pan with enough water to soak it completely. 


Let boil until sugar bubbles thickly. 


Add the plain cashews to the pan. 



Let boil, stirring constantly. The sugar will then sand. Try as much as possible to coat and separate the cashew nuts.


Add sesame seeds. This is to the appreciation of each. But a tablespoonful seems quite adequate to me.


Still stirring constantly, let the surface of the cashews caramelize slightly, without melting all the sugar. You just need to get a thin layer of caramel on top of the sugar that covers the cashews.


Pour onto parchment paper or baking mat. 


When they are cooled, separate the ones that are stuck together, then put them in an airtight box, because these chocolates are very sensitive to humidity!



Packaged, these chocolates can be kept for a long time, or can be offered as a gift! 

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