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The Golden Blog Awards

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For those (like me) who were not at the party, I give you this link that I was sent click here! IThere were 207 food blogs registered and I won!!!! This proves that I must continue to search for recipes and culinary journeys and share my passion for cooking or “cuisines” of the world! 
Thank you to everyone who supported and encouraged me! I want to thank my brother who signed me up and my parents! But also a big thank you to Monica who went in my place to the award ceremony, as I am currently on vacation far from Paris! And to all my friends who eat my dishes and who serve as guinea pigs…!

To see the videos of the evening and the small TV report click here!

So there you have it, I won the “Golden Blog Awards” 2010!!! I didn’t believe it though, because my blog was less than a year old at the time of the selection… Thanks to everyone, I got the votes to be a semi-finalist and then the jury deliberated for two weeks! 
The party took place at the Paris City Hall on November 17, 2010 and I was in…Rio on vacation! I couldn’t even participate, this vacation was scheduled a long time ago. I was under the rain, in Rio, in a bus, I was coming back from the botanical garden where I was stung by a wasp on my left thumb (!!!) when Monica sent me a sms to tell me that I had won! Unable to stand still, I got off the bus to call him and heard a thunderous of applause for another category! I didn’t realize how well attended this evening would be! Anyway, here are the pictures of the evening (I thank Angelique and her site for the pictures!)… 

And here is my trophy!!! I shouldn’t say this, but…yay!!!

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