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Walnut Chocolates

Difficulté : Easy
Catégorie : Sweet
Cout : Low cost
No, these are not chocolate brains, but nuts! Finally I give you my recipe for walnut ganache. I’ve been testing and adjusting several recipes and I finally found the one that I like! A crunchy milk chocolate with a creamy interior made of a milk chocolate ganache and walnut chips. I remind you that you will have to read the recipe for tempered chocolate very carefully to be able to make these treats.

Recipe of the chocolates with nuts (for a hundred…)

Soft ganache with nuts:
-300g of milk couverture (I took the Papouasie Origine from Cacao Barry)
-225g of 35% cream
-65g of butter
-75g invert sugar (or creamy white honey)
-100g of nuts

-1300g of tempered milk couverture

(Papua Origin of Cacao Barry)

Put the butter, invert sugar and liquid cream in a saucepan.

Bring to a boil.

Prepare and weigh the milk couverture (the weight for the ganache, 300g).

Pour the boiled cream on the blanket.

Mix starting from the center and working outward.

Let the ganache cool. I put my blanket in a large saucepan, this way when pouring the cream, the ganache will cool in this large saucepan. We have a thin layer of ganache that cools faster. The professionals use a candissoire but my technique works very well.
Chop nuts finely. Not with a blender but with a knife. Because we risk obtaining an oily purée…!
Pour the chopped nuts into the ganache.

Mix well and let cool.

The result is an exquisite and soft ganache!

Pour the tempered couverture into the nut-shaped moulds. I work with a brush to make sure I get into the smallest of corners.
Invert pan onto parchment paper to remove excess coating. Apply a second coat with a brush. Allow to crystallize, then with a chocolate knife (or a large classic knife), scrape the molds.
In this way, we obtain the empty shells.
Fill them with the walnut ganache, leaving 1-2 mm to close with couverture.
Let the ganache firm up (you can put the mold in the fridge at this point, but once made, chocolates don’t keep in the fridge!!). Then pour tempered couverture to close the shells.

Remove excess coating with a knife.

Allow to crystallize then scrape perfectly with a knife. Turn out the chocolates with a sharp blow.

The result is a crunchy chocolate with a creamy ganache with pieces of nuts… Store in a cool, dry place. The chocolates should be eaten fairly quickly because there is butter and cream!
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