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Apple Buckwheat Cake

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After my kouign aman and the raspberry kouignettes, I wanted to make a cake inspired by this atmosphere and butter/sugar association. With apples, buckwheat flour and a good dose of half-salt butter, this cake can be made when there are clouds in the sky! Since this summer hasn’t been the most flamboyant or the hottest, this is a good reason to get into the kitchen. 

Ingredients for a 24cm cake:
-120g of flour
-80g buckwheat flour
-2g of salt
-5g of fresh yeast or half a packet of dehydrated baker’s yeast
-200g of semi-salted butter
-180g of sugar
-3-4 apples or more

Put the flour and buckwheat flour in the bowl of a mixer or in a container. 

Add salt. Dissolve the yeast in a little warm water and pour into the bowl. 

Knead and add water until a ball of dough forms. It depends on the absorption capacity of your flours. If it’s too wet, add a little flour, if it’s too dry, a little water! Knead in food processor or by hand for 15 minutes.

Slash the dough crosswise. 

Place a cling film around it and let it swell in a warm place for 2-3 hours. 

With buckwheat flour, the dough doesn’t look too much like a more classic bread dough. It contains less gluten. 

On a lightly floured work surface, roll out your dough as thinly as possible into a rectangle shape. Not easy because the dough is a bit temperamental! Spread the semi-salted butter on top (up to 2cm from the edge) and sprinkle with the sugar. 

Fold in three and turn the dough 90°. Spread out lengthwise again and fold in thirds again. Do this one more time. It is not easy and you will have to flour the work surface regularly.

The dough tends to want to break, but it’s not serious because in the end you don’t make a real kouign aman. 

Butter a 24cm pan and add apple wedges. I had to put in a total of 4 apples. You can put as many as you want, they will bake under the dough anyway. 

Roll out the dough to the size of the pan one last time and place it on top of the apples. 

Bake at 180°C until the pastry is really golden and caramelized (40 minutes). 

Turn out gently and enjoy warm! 

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