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The muësli of the Swiss doctor Maximilian Bircher, composed at the beginning of the 20th century, was a very simple and healthy recipe: grated apples, lemon juice, oatmeal and a little almonds or hazelnuts. That’s all. Over the years, the recipe has really evolved and can now be found almost everywhere in the world in all hotels for breakfast. This is the modern version I’m proposing today: richer, creamier and smoother, with lots of dried and fresh fruits and a touch of honey… A real delight to prepare the night before for breakfast or for brunch for example! As usual I used my method: I do everything “au pif”, I readjust as I go along according to the taste and texture I want to obtain, of course noting everything carefully. So this is my recipe that I am giving you, the one that condenses what I have been able to appreciate around the world in different places. What is certain is that from now on, I will make them regularly…

Recipe for birchermüesli:
-60g of rolled oats (I used quaker oats)
-100g of apple (half an apple) 
-5g of lemon juice (a good teaspoon)
-425g of plain Greek yogurt 
-60g of honey
-40g of squash seeds
-70g of raisins
-40g of pecans
-40g of whole almonds 
-85g of milk+ 25 before serving
-a good pinch of cinnamon

-Fresh fruit to accompany: blueberries, raspberries, strawberries… 

Cut the apple into quarters by simply removing the middle part. I only used half an apple here, which was about 100g.

Grate the quarters (with the skin), place them in a large bowl and sprinkle with lemon juice. 

Add oatmeal and plain Greek yogurt. I used non fat reduced yogurt here… It’s creamier.

Mix and add the honey. 

Add the dried fruits. You can put more or less (the more it becomes really rich) or even change them: don’t hesitate to put walnuts, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, flax seeds… 

For the almonds: break them in half by hand. 

Mix everything together and add the milk (the 85g). 

Pour a little cinnamon. It’s optional, but it makes this birchermüesli even tastier. 

Mix it all together and now let it sit… overnight! Or at least 4 hours. But if you prepare it quickly the day before, it will be perfect for breakfast…

The next morning, the birchermüesli is creamy, the liquid has been absorbed by the oatmeal and the dried fruits (especially the raisins). 

At this point, just before serving, I add the 25g of milk and mix well. This gives it the perfect texture (for me). 

Now all that’s left to do is to serve with, for example, fresh fruit! A real delight… 

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