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Caramel Crunch Chocolate

Difficulté : Easy
Catégorie : Sweet
Cout : Low cost
If you followed my “culinary journey” from Lausanne (you can see it HERE), you were able to discover the chocolate maker Blondel. For our greatest pleasure, this one offers us specialties of hammered chocolates. There are all kinds and one of my favorites (but there are other amazing ones too) is the caramel one. As Christmas is fast approaching, I’m bringing back to you the Mycryo cocoa butter tempered chocolate method, the easiest method when you are not a professional. However, you will need this magic butter, as well as the covering chocolate (which is not the chocolate from the supermarket) and… that’s it! This time, this recipe is obviously made without a mold! And all the perfection of this one lies in its perfect irregularity! Well wrapped, this chocolate will certainly find its place under the tree!

First of all, before you start, it’s best to read the tempered chocolate method for to fully understand what it’s all about! 

Crispy caramel chocolate recipe:

-500g of tempered dark or milk chocolate (see method HERE)
-230g of sugar (we will only use half of it… see more)
-1/4 teaspoon salt
-5g of mycryo cocoa butter

Put the sugar and salt in a saucepan. You can add a little water to soak it in if you are afraid of making a dry caramel (which is not difficult!). Let cook without stirring.

You must obtain a nice amber caramel. 

Pour on a silpat style carpet. 

Let cool. 

Until the caramel is as hard as glass (it breaks more easily !).

Break into large pieces. 

Put all the caramel in a blender and blend by pulsing. 

You need to get small pieces of caramel. The caramel will inevitably be half in very fine powder.

Simply sift the powder. We will keep only the biggest pieces (which are still quite thin!). While waiting to temper the couverture, it is imperative to keep the caramel in an airtight box to prevent it from liquefying! 
You need at least 115g of caramel pieces! 

Melt the chocolate and temper it with the mycryo method. See the recipe HERE! 

Measure the temperature well.

Add the cocoa butter (here 5g). 

When the chocolate is at 31°C, add the 115g of coarse caramel powder.

Mix well. The caramel is protected by the chocolate, so there is no risk of it melting! 

When the chocolate reaches 29°C, pour it onto a large piece of parchment paper. 

Spread with an angled spatula, or with a large knife or saw. Anyway, in this recipe, it is precisely the imperfection that makes this chocolate so attractive! 

You can leave your mark on it, that’s the secret of its beautiful shapes. 

To imitate Blondel even more, you can leave small waves. 

Then let the chocolate crystallize overnight (or at least 3 hours). 

You can break it by hitting it with your fist or a small hammer. 

Wrap the chocolate nicely. Its surface and its irregular edges make all its charm. 

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