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Chocolate Raspberry Crispies

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I’ve been making this dessert for almost 15 years, but only added the raspberries two years ago. Everyone knows by now this little crunchy entremet, composed of a layer of praline (I like it generous!) and a chocolate mousse-ganache. But this time you’ll find fabulous fresh raspberries, which refresh the whole thing and go perfectly with the chocolate. A small cake very simple to make, without needing neither flour nor oven…!  

Recipe for 8 Chocolate Raspberry Crisps:

Crunchy praline:
400g of praline paste
-160g of milk chocolate
-60g of soft butter
-100g of crushed gavottes

-500ml of full cream
-15g of powdered sugar
-300g of dark chocolate (I always use the fabulous Manjari from Valrhona!)

-250g of fresh raspberries
-cocoa powder

Start by preparing the crunchy praline. Put the butter and milk chocolate in a bowl and melt in a microwave or double boiler. 

Add the praline paste and mix well. 

Add the crushed gavottes. 

In 8cm foam circles, placed on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper,  pour two tablespoons of crunchy praline. 

Place the plate in the refrigerator to set the praline. 

Place the whole cream in a bowl with the beaters. Put the whole in a cool place. 

Melt chocolate in microwave or double boiler. Let cool. 

Whip the whipping cream with the powdered sugar (15g) into a fairly firm whipped cream. 

Add the melted chocolate and continue to whisk to combine. 

Pour a tablespoon of chocolate ganache mousse over the praline base. Then place 7 or 8 raspberries on the ganache mousse. 

Close the circle with the ganache mousse, making sure to line the inside of the circle. 

Scrape the top edge with a large knife. 

This results in perfect circles! 

Allow to set in a cool place for at least three hours. Unmold by running a hair dryer around the circles. 

Then gently pull the circle upward, perfectly vertical. 

Return the cakes to the refrigerator for 15 to 20 minutes. 
Sprinkle with cocoa (pure, no sugar!).
Decorate as you wish! I just kept a little bit of caramelized almonds which are used for the praline paste… And some fresh raspberries. 

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