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Walnut bourmas (crumpled baklava)

After returning from Greece, where I ate a different baklava almost every day, I felt like making the rather Turkish version again, with that crinkly texture that gives a wonderful crunch. You can of course put any dried fruit you like (almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, cashews). This little sweetness is very easy to make and will be ready in no time!

Lemon, olive oil and toasted almond cookies

Amazing cookies, with a fresh and pronounced lemon flavor. I also put a little olive oil and toasted almond powder. The result is very tasty and will delight you! As usual with these cakes, they will be ready in no time and will keep for at least a week in the refrigerator, well wrapped.


Creamy coffee cream

A smooth and shiny coffee cream, with a perfect hold, here is the promise of this recipe! With only 4 ingredients. I offered you my creamy chocolate cream recipe and many of you asked me for the coffee one. I had to do some tests, because without the chocolate and its cocoa butter which gives a nice texture, the recipe does not work the same way. It’s done and you can of course adapt it without coffee, but with vanilla!

Cheddar pistachio savory shortbread

Here is a recipe for small shortbread that I developed after having eaten similar ones in London. They are absolutely delicious and above all very crispy! You can keep them for more than a week in a perfectly airtight box. They will be irresistible for an aperitif!

Cacio e pepe

I have just returned from Rome where I spent a few days of vacation again, that I already offer you a really simple recipe! The translation being “cheese and pepper”. The sauce is just made with the cheese and the pasta cooking water. Be careful not to recook the sauce which in this case would cause the pecorino cheese to curdle. In about ten minutes, everything is ready and absolutely delicious!


Vegan Flapjacks, chocolate nuts and peanut butter

Here is a naturally vegan and gluten-free recipe. I like to offer this kind of choice from time to time, especially when the result is so delicious. I put “flapjacks” because these bars are very close, but the consistency is very reminiscent of a big, chewy cookie. My friends and I enjoyed it and I must admit that I didn’t expect it to be this good! To be tested urgently…


Gluten and lactose free lemon almond cake

(my previous post is pretty self-explanatory), I’m back with a super simple recipe to make. I’m not gluten free or lactose free, considering the butter and flour I usually use! But from time to time, I find it interesting to look into it. I had tasted a similar cake and obviously wanted to make it again at home. The result is amazing and the softness incomparable! A great option when you’re looking for a good recipe for your gluten-free or lactose-free friends, or for yourself to try out new textures.


Pistachio Lemon Cake

This time on my cooking blog, I propose a pistachio and lemon cake. Its texture is both rich and melting, soft and dense. I put a little lemon zest in the dough and bitter almond flavor. This gives a special flavor that highlights the pistachio. To finish, a fine icing covered with roasted pistachio powder that will keep this cake soft!


Oatmeal chocolate and peanut energy bars

For a tasty and invigorating snack that will calm an acute peanut attack, I suggest these oatmeal, chocolate and peanut energy bars with a perfect texture. They will also be very good for breakfast, but you have to keep in mind that we are close to a cookie with a firmer texture, more “chewy”! This makes it a delicacy, but to be eaten in moderation and shared without complex.

Cheesecake cookie bar

Beware these little pieces of cake are totally evil. This delicious cookie dough is baked with a cream cheese filling. It’s like having a refreshing layer of cheesecake amidst a deluge of dark and white chocolate chips. I’ll warn you right away that this is a real scandal, as it’s not really recommended right before summer and swimsuits. Perhaps I am a bit cruel!