Cuisine: asiatique

Wasabi Crispy Shrimp

As I travel much less than before, I look at my notebooks in which I wrote down the dishes I had tasted abroad. This dish of crispy wasabi prawns really

Crispy shrimp

Here’s a simple recipe for crispy, golden shrimp. They are perfect as is with the sauce of your choice, or to incorporate into another recipe that I will tell you

Coconut sesame peanut beads

I promised you, here are the coconut sesame and peanut pearls. After the coconut pearls with egg cream(recipe HERE), this variant is simpler in its ingredients, easier to find (there

Crispy Shiitake with Hoisin sauce

I had proposed on my cooking blog, several recipes of crispy meats. I was craving this vegan option with shiitake mushrooms. It’s been a while since I shared with you

Braised and caramelized lotus roots

Here is a very classic recipe to accommodate the lotus roots still sometimes very unknown in our countries. You have to like the slightly crunchy texture, but this version will