Cuisine: English

Muesli Cake

This muesli cake is a real treat! It is however made without flour, sugar or fat. But with all the dried fruits it contains, it is very rich! It is

Double chocolate cake

During confinement, there is nothing like cooking for yourself and/or your family. Of course, if this goes on too long, we’ll all gain weight! But anyway, I suggest this double

Bread Pudding

On a recent vacation from writing my next book (due out in March 2020), I had bread pudding for breakfast. I then realized that I didn’t have this recipe on

Apple pie with hazelnut crumble

It’s been a while since I posted a dessert recipe. It’s because I was currently writing and shooting my next book which will be released in March 2020! So here

Blue raisin and walnut cake

This recipe is one of the unpublished ones in my books. But I really wanted to share with you this delight from my third book “I’ll take a bite out