Cuisine: Européenne

Honey-nut squares

Fall is here with its share of comforting delights. I love nuts and I’ve probably come up with recipes mixing honey and nuts on my blog, but I always enjoy

Gluten and lactose free lemon almond cake

After this complicated period since the beginning of the year which unfortunately ended with what we feared (my previous post is quite explicit), I come back with an ultra simple

Pistachio Lemon Cake

This time on my cooking blog, I propose a pistachio and lemon cake. Its texture is both rich and melting, soft and dense. I put a little lemon zest in

Homemade Honeycomb Silicone Mould

For those of you who own my book Scandalously Decadent, published by Flammarion last November, you may have noticed this recipe with a honeycomb wafer. I had mentioned that I

Bear’s garlic pie

Last recipe with wild garlic for this year. At the moment I am publishing a little less, as I have just finished my 7th book which will be released in

Savoury bear garlic cake

A good friend gave me a huge bag of wild garlic freshly picked in the forest. Many thanks to Flore, I invite you to check out her Instagram page HERE!

Spiral Marbled Shortbread

Funny shortbread with a nice spiral shape, all without any special utensil. You will shape them by hand. It’s a bit of work and you’ll probably start over several times