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Darphin” apples

Difficulté : Easy
Catégorie : Savory
Cout : Low cost

Here is the recipe for “Darphin” apples and not for Röstis as I had first written. These potato pancakes are extra crispy and are a great accompaniment to grilled meats or chickens. Since Darphin apples are prepared with raw potatoes (unlike rösti, which are usually prepared with cooked potatoes), the preparation is faster but the cooking time is longer! A little marvel that you can decorate as you wish.

You can put whatever you want in Darphin apples. For example, you can add one grated onion for every two kilos of potatoes, or pieces of bacon or cheese…

Recipe for two large patties:

-1.8 kg of potatoes
-duck fat, butter or lard

For this recipe, it is preferable to choose firm-fleshed potatoes.

Peel them (those who don’t have a peeler yet, it’s a must in the kitchen!)

Put the peeled potatoes in a bowl of fresh water as you go. 

There are two choices for grating potatoes. The robot or the mandolin! I choose the second option.

You need a mandolin with a fine comb and a fairly thin layer. Darphin apples can also be made with a cheese grater with large holes.

Grate the potatoes. 

For the Pommes Darphin, I choose the option chosen by the Auberge de Dully near Lausanne in Switzerland. During my culinary trip (see the report HERE!) I asked the cooks of this inn for their secret. And it was duck fat. 

Put a good tablespoon of fat in a small pan or two in a large one. Let it melt.

Then add the potatoes. A certain thickness is required for the cake to be cohesive.

Cook over moderate heat for 10 minutes with a lid. Squeeze the potatoes with a spoon so that the juice comes out a little and gives cohesion. Turn the Darphin apples over like a pancake.

Let it cook again on the other side, this time without the lid, until the whole cake is golden brown!

Serve hot with a roast chicken just out of the oven (for example!).

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