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Gianduja Filled Chocolates

Difficulté : Easy
Catégorie : Sweet
Cout : Low cost

I don’t pretend to compete with our professional chocolatiers, just to give a recipe that can be easily made at home for an excellent result.

First of all it is better to review the method of tempering chocolate by clicking here. I remind you that I only give the basics to obtain a beautiful chocolate at home with the mycryo method. I think this method is accessible to everyone, whereas the real tempering, the tablage (etc…) are really the domain of the chocolatiers. We don’t have a laboratory or a tempering tank, just a bowl and some magic powder!
Recipe for 36 Gianduja milk chocolate candies:
-36 roasted hazelnuts, peeled
-200g of milk cover
-2g of Mycryo cocoa butter
For forage:

  -200g of

hazelnut paste

  -65g of milk cover
  -25g of cocoa butter

Melt the chocolate coating as for the method of
tempered chocolate
Put a first layer of milk couverture in the chosen moulds (cleaned with a absorbent cotton) with a brush. If you decide not to brush on the choloat and instead with a ladle, turn the pan upside down over a piece of parchment paper to remove the excess! When the chocolate crystallizes, apply a second layer.
Scrape off excess chocolate with a knife or chocolate knife to get clean edges.
Prepare the feed. If you don’t have cocoa butter (which is not the same as mycryo) you can very well make a simpler gianduja recipe (100g hazelnut paste for 100g chocolate).
Melt cocoa butter, couverture and hazelnut paste.
Put a small amount of gianduja (when it is at room temperature)  at bottom of the chocolate shells. Put a hazelnut in each shell.
Place a second layer of gianduja to within 1mm of the edge. Allow to crystallize, then apply a layer of milk cover. When the chocolate begins to crystallize, scrape off the excess with a chocolate knife or a regular knife.

Allow to crystallize perfectly for at least 1 hour. Turn the polycarbonate plate upside down and collect the chocolate candies with latex gloves. Let it mature for at least two or three days before eating!

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