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Hot almond paste “Confiseur

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Why put a recipe for marzipan when it is so simple? Because this recipe is the one of the marzipan prepared hot. It does not contain egg white. Why do you say? Because this is the way most of the time that professionals prepare marzipan. And the major interest of this one is the long conservation of this paste, because there is not white. It will be used to garnish chocolates, disguised fruits… If you plan to eat your marzipan right away, you can obviously turn to the cold prepared marzipan (with white), but if you want to make subjects out of marzipan, or garnish chocolates or just make a certain amount to keep, then this recipe is ideal! But don’t worry, I also put the proportions of the cold recipe…

Recipe for cold marzipan (no photo):

-200g of powdered sugar
-200g of almond powder
-40g of anhydrous glucose (this can be found in pharmacies and prevents the dough from drying out too quickly and gives it softness)
-80 to 110g of egg white
Mix powdered sugar, almond powder and anhydrous glucose. Gradually add egg white until desired consistency is reached!
Why the name marzipan “confectioner”? It is simply a name to determine the amount of almond in relation to the sugar. There are the superior almond paste (66% almonds), the extra (50%), confectioner (33%) and common (25%). I chose the “confectioner’s” for its simplicity of use (especially the rolling step) and its long shelf life. And I don’t see too much difference with the extra in taste!
Recipe for hot marzipan:

-120g blanched almonds (or almond powder)
-200g of sugar
-40g of glucose syrup
-80g of water
-powdered colorant (optional)

Start by crushing the blanched almonds.

You just need to grind them into a finer powder than in the picture. 

If you want to color the dough, just put the tip of a knife of coloring powder in the almond powder and mix well…

Place sugar, glucose syrup and water in a saucepan over moderate heat. 

Bring to 116°C. 

Pour the syrup over the almond powder.

And mix well, especially if there is dye in the almond powder!

Pour onto a marble or silicon mat and let cool completely

The dough is not yet ready. As it cools, the sugar solidifies and the consistency becomes granular. 

Some recipes or books say to put it in the grinder/blender. Especially not!! I’ve already tried everything (I’ve made 4 recipes to finally get to this, so it’s sometimes complicated to simplify!). The blender will grind the almonds too intensely and may cause them to lose their oil. I use a rolling pin (best would be a metal sugar or nougat roller!). Simply crush the dough hard with a roller.

Until the dough sticks to the roller and is soft to the touch. 

Remove the dough from the roller and work the dough by hand like a bread dough for 2 or 3 minutes. 

The dough is now ready! 

Just use it for the recipe you want! 

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