Ingrédient: de poudre d'amande

Vegan Banana Speculo Cake

I sometimes propose vegan recipes, even though I am not vegan myself, simply because of a culinary challenge and because I often have friends who are. I love to develop

Raspberry vanilla lemon tart

A little wonder in the mouth, that’s really the feeling when you bite into a piece of this pie. A crisp pastry, a rich and fluffy almond cream, a tender

Strawberry, lemon and basil pie

A new strawberry pie with a new pastry technique. I had seen a similar pie at Yann Couvreur’s, but I didn’t have the time to taste it. I figured out

Chocolate Tartlets

These little tartlets are really delicious! A fine crispy pastry with a very chocolatey firm and melting cream-ganache, a pure wonder! My version is simple to make and here I