Ingrédient: de sucre semoule

Crunchy shortbread with hazelnut butter

I love experimenting with shortbread doughs and if you look in my cooking blog, you’ll find lots of them! Here, the fact of making a hazelnut butter, changes completely the

Waffles from Liege

I had been holding back for years. When I walked past a Liège waffle stand, I drooled and thought it was unreasonable, so I walked away. When I finally got

Mango chutney

The other day I ate a mango that wasn’t really good, and I ended up making a chutney out of it, kinda haphazardly. Delicious with lots of things: rice, foie



“Pull me up” or Tiramisu in Italian, keeps its promises. A spoonful of this creamy, smooth cake and your spirits are instantly lifted! With this recipe, you get a light,