Ingrédient: de vinaigre blanc

Crevettes panées Pankoco sauce tartare

Breaded shrimp Pankoco tartar sauce

Ah the breaded shrimps ! I love them especially with the wonderful tartar sauce. It’s a bit Machiavellian, by the way, because you eat one, then two, and you can’t

Houmous de lentilles corail et patate douce

Coral lentil and sweet potato hummus

Like a craving for sunshine on your plate? I recently made a big cold buffet for some friends, and I made this coral lentil and sweet potato hummus. A real

Mango chutney

The other day I ate a mango that wasn’t really good, and I ended up making a chutney out of it, kinda haphazardly. Delicious with lots of things: rice, foie