Ingrédient: d’huile d’olive

wild garlic pesto

It’s still the season, so I’m taking advantage of it. Wild garlic pesto is totally irresistible! I put it everywhere, in pasta, coral lentils, on bread… Again, a thousand thanks

Risotto with Boursin® and zucchini

I have a new recipe for you, this time in partnership with Boursin® with garlic and fine herbs. This risotto is absolutely delicious and creamy with simple ingredients. I added

Lasagna Bolognese

I’ve just returned from another short stay in Italy. I always enjoy it! I had a really delicious lasagna and I wanted to share my version with you. It takes

Fresh coral lentil salad

I was craving a small salad that was ultra fresh and healthy while still being nutritious. That’s the case with this coral lentil salad, cooked al dente, with raisins, pickled

Zucchini pie with ricotta and dill

I’m getting a little ahead of the season, but I came across zucchini in the organic section of my local market. I suddenly had a craving for sunshine on my

Artichoke caviar

A quick and simple recipe that already smells good! This little artichoke “caviar” can be made in a blender in a few minutes (well, after cooking the artichoke bottoms!) and

Tarragon chicken

Everyone has the best tarragon chicken recipe! But many of you ask me about these great classics of our cuisine. I give you my version which is the one I