Ingrédient: lemon

Lobster rolls and Shrimp rolls

I am a real fan of those shrimp or lobster hot dogs that we see in the United States and more and more in our country. So I suggest both


I’m back from a little trip to Italy and I’m also on the home stretch of my book which is coming out in March and I’ll tell you all about

Poulpe Grillé

Grilled Octopus

A real culinary love at first sight as I like to experience it! For example, I didn’t rediscover spinach until I was 25 years old. I had always hated it

Cold pasta salad with vegetables

Here is a very fresh recipe for a pasta salad with sun-drenched vegetables! This recipe is a partnership with Plaimont (for whom I had already written two recipes last fall!)

Fresh coral lentil salad

I was craving a small salad that was ultra fresh and healthy while still being nutritious. That’s the case with this coral lentil salad, cooked al dente, with raisins, pickled