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Difficulté : Easy
Catégorie : Savory
Cout : Low cost
An incredibly good recipe in a somewhat unusual context. I crossed paths with the Migrant Cooks two years ago and we promised to do something together.  Migrant Cooks employs refugee cooks, who prepare dishes from their country. I love world cuisine (I think you knew that!!) and I find their company innovative and deeply human. The recipes they offer are all delicious and I had the opportunity to try this fabulous keshke made by Faeeq who comes from Syria. It is thus with him that I propose you this dish based on yoghurt, bulgur, nuts and mint, which will be perfect as an appetizer or as an aperitif at home.
Thank you to Faeeq and Les Cuistots Migrateurs. I’m sure we will share with you many new delights! www.lescuistotsmigrateurs.com

Les Cuistots Migrateurs are a
world cuisine caterer : they employ people from all over the world
refugee cooks who prepare dishes from their country.

Their ambition is to change the
refugees by promoting their culture, their know-how and their skills.
talents of cooks while highlighting the cuisines of the world
unknown to the general public.
In 2 years, and with a team of 5
refugee cooks from Syria, Iran, Chechnya, Nepal and Ethiopia, they have
developed a catalog of more than 150 family recipes and 100% of
authentic.  Find them on http://www.lescuistotsmigrateurs.com/

Today they need a
a little help to expand and hire more people
of refugee cooks. Help them win the Aviva Factory contest by
voting for them here: https://lafabrique-france.aviva.com/voting/projet/vue/30-936

For 6 persons :

  • 1 white onion
  • 150g of bulgur
  • 600g of Greek yogurt
  • 60g walnuts
  • 15 of dried mint
  • salt, olive oil

Peel and cut the white onion into small pieces. 

Place the bulgur in a small sieve and rinse thoroughly with cold water.

Drain it and place it in a container. 
Add the white onion.

Add a tablespoon of dried mint.

And two tablespoons of chopped nuts (coarse powder).

Salt to taste (half a teaspoon of salt). 

Pour in half of the Greek yogurt (300g of the 600).

Mix well.

Now let stand for at least 5 hours in a cool place. One night is the best! The bulgur will slowly swell and absorb the moisture from the yogurt. 

Here is Faeeq who came to share with us his delicious keshke recipe. He has been in France since 2015. Faeeq came alone from Syria, his family stayed there.
He got to know Les Cuistots Migrateurs via the association Syrians & Friends Paris, which put them in touch with each other, and he started working as a commis de cuisine in April 2016, at the time when the Cuistots were running a street food stand at Le Petit Bain (a restaurant-bar on a barge in the 13th arrondissement). 
And so it’s been 2 years that he’s been working with the Cuistots Migrateurs, he had no professional experience in cooking before that but he loved cooking for himself and he really wanted to turn to this profession. And since then he has only progressed and he loves it!

The next day the bulgur had swollen and the whole thing was quite doughy.

Add the rest of the Greek yogurt to give a perfect creaminess and dress the dish. 

Pour the keshke into a soup plate. Drizzle generously with olive oil.

Sprinkle with dried mint and then nuts. 

We made two dishes out of it!

It’s such a delight that I can eat half of it alone! 

To be enjoyed with a flat bread. 

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