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Les cuistots migrateurs release their first book!

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Les Cuistots Migrateurs, which I told you about on the blog, because one of their chefs, Faeeq, came to teach me his delicious Keshke recipe (recipe HERE!), are publishing a book in September to share the stories and recipes of their refugee chefs. It is therefore more than a book of recipes, it is also a book of discoveries and human adventures. I’m really more than thrilled for them and can’t wait to flip through it.
Good news, they have launched a pre-order campaign on ULULE (the link HERE)
A way to support them and to give visibility to this beautiful project. Among the rewards, the book of course, but also a signing party with a meal to discover the chefs’ recipes and meet them!
Inside the 256 pages, you will find :
About sixty savory and sweet recipes as well as drinks: Sholeh Zard from Iran, Masu Ko Jhol from Nepal, Foul Medames from Syria, Doro Wat from Ethiopia or Hingalsh from Chechnya…
The portraits of 5 refugee chefs, the first to join the adventure: Rashid (Iran), Sarah (Ethiopia), Faaeq (Syria), Fariza (Chechnya) and Bishnu (Nepal)
Information about each country, the specificities of each cuisine and the typical ingredients of the chefs’ cultures. The recipes are superbly illustrated by photographer Guillaume Czerw, who works with Cyril Lignac and pastry chef Christophe Adam.
 I invite you to read more below (in “read more”) and especially to pre-order your copy on the ULULE website ! 


Les Cuistots Migrateurs is the first caterer of the world to employ refugee cooks. Since November 2018, they also have a restaurant in Paris (mezze buffet, grilled mezze and brunch on Sundays) that I highly invite you to discover at 128, Avenue de Saint-Ouen (in Paris that is!).

Their cooks come from Syria / Iran / Nepal / Ethiopia / Chechnya / Afghanistan / Senegal or Bangladesh and make the recipes of their country to make you discover new and really authentic flavors.

Today, Les Cuistots Migrateurs has about twenty people, half of whom are refugee chefs, all employed on permanent contracts and supervised and trained by a professional chef.


A project that combines professional integration, discovery and sharing!
Pre-order your book HERE

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