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Difficulté : Easy
Catégorie : Sweet
Cout : Low cost
Here is the first Asian dessert recipe on my site! The “maqius” are doughnuts coated with sesame seeds, made with a paste of glutinous rice flour and egg cream… They can also be filled with other specialties. The result is a small, crispy, warm and filled ball. I always have a hard time resisting this dessert and I’m very happy to present it to you ! You will have to find three ingredients that have not yet appeared in my recipes… But as always, a quick look in the “my addresses” section will save you! 

Recipe for “maqius”:
For the egg cream:
-1 egg
-110g of sugar
-100g of water
-25g of custard powder
-25g of wheat starch
-30g of flour
-30g of melted butter
-30g of whole milk powder

Maqiu paste:
-200g of glutinous rice flour
-55g of sugar
-130ml of water
-sesame seeds (unroasted)
Here are the ingredients that have not yet appeared on my site:
The custard powder and wheat starch in the photo are in the photo below and the glutinous rice flour. 
Wheat starch is sold in Chinese grocery stores (Tang Frères) under the name of wheat flour, but this is not true! It is a starch and not a flour, and the English name appears in bold on the package (wheat starch).  For the glutinous rice flour, no problem to find it, it can be found with all the flours at Tang frères or Paris Store.
The “custard powder” is a cream powder (actually colored, sweetened and flavored cornstarch) which is sold in English grocery stores or at Izraël in Paris (see “my addresses“).

Start by preparing the egg cream. Place whole egg and sugar in a bowl. Mix. 

Add flour, wheat starch, whole milk powder and custard powder. 

Mix well and add the melted butter. 

Then add the water and mix well. 

The result is a very liquid paste. The traditional Chinese method is to steam this dough for about  30  minutes, mixing the dough every 10 minutes. I didn’t have any bowl that could fit in my bamboo baskets or in a steamer. So I poured the dough into a bowl. In this case, cook in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time, stirring each time. 

When the dough is almost done, stop cooking and pour into another bowl to stop the cooking. 

Work the dough by hand like a bread dough. We can now shape a ball. Wrap in cling film and store in a cool place. 

Prepare the maqiu dough. 
Pour the glutinous rice flour on a work surface and dig a well. Pour the sugar in the middle. 

Pour in the water and start mixing. 

Work the dough by hand or in a mixing bowl. 

Work the dough for about ten minutes. Add a little glutinous rice flour if necessary or a little water. 

Roll the dough into a ball and place in cling film. 

Let stand 20-25 minutes until all sugar crystals have melted. 
Rework the dough for 5 minutes by rolling into a ball and folding. 

Finally, roll the dough into a ball of 2 to 3 centimeters in diameter. Cut the dough into 16 slices (in the photo there is only half of the dough).

Take a slice and roll it between your palms to form a ball. 

Push a finger into the ball and shape it into a cavity.

Shape balls of the same size with the egg cream. 

And place a dumpling of egg cream in the cavity of glutinous rice. 

Bring the edges of the dough up to enclose the egg cream.

Roll again between hands to perfect the balls. Place the balls in a bowl filled with sesame seeds. 

Take a handful of sesame seeds and roll the ball between your hands with the sesame seeds to press the seeds on the surface of the dough. 

Do the same with all the dough. 

Heat a large quantity of oil in a wok. When the oil starts to heat up without boiling, place the maqius in it. 

As the oil heats up, it will begin to gently cook the maqius. 

The cooking of maqius is said to be delicate, but I don’t really see why… With a pair of tongs (of course I bought the special maqiu tongs) you have to gently crush the doughnuts to remove the air that makes them swell. 

You can see it on the picture, you must not hesitate to press well on the dough. You also have to turn them almost all the time by pinching them. 

Once the maqius are golden brown, remove them from the oil and let them drain. 

Let cool on paper towels. 

Enjoy the maqius while they are still warm and crispy! 

The interior is rich and tastes like eggs…! A real delight. 

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